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Commercial interior design is a booming industry in today’s market, especially in India, with so many new industries rapidly coming up. Commercial interior design includes the complete designing of commercial places like hospitals, office floors, rooms and cubicles, classrooms, hotel rooms and retail outlets to name a few. A corporate or commercial environment can be called as successfully designed when the available physical space can be used as a calculated instrument to achieve the desired organizational targets. The services of a commercial interior design firm ranges from designing inspiring workplace surroundings to commercial office buildings with a view to attract tenants.

Nearly each and every commercial interior design firm offers all these services. Commercial interior design is still basically ‘problem-solving’. Specifically planned interiors must be aesthetically pleasing, yet must also be functional and should meet the business needs of the client. The importance of global and cultural influences impacts all types of facilities in a design. One of the critical issues in commercial or office interior design is that of sustainability, which may either mean specifying low-VOC paints or helping the client achieve a higher stage of LEED certification. Research is an integral element in commercial or office interior design.

Commercial interior design firms must start designing only after a thorough research and study of the space. It helps the commercial interior design firms gather sufficient evidence to support any office interior design decisions. The commercial office interior designer must firstly gauge the client’s business in general and the client’s ambitions for the office interior design from a business perspective. Commercial interior design applies to any facility or business that can be labeled as ‘commercial’, that is, any place that invites the public in. It can range from a jewellery shop by the road or a restaurant in a resort to a casino in an international luxury hotel. A commercial interior can be purely functional, like big corporate offices or any small-town tourism agency. It may also require comforting and treating the ill, as in a healthcare establishment. It can also be purely a space to relax or chill out, such as a spa, salon or a gym or fitness centre.

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