Do you often fantasise about living in a cool looking, magnificently designed and beautifully decorated house?

Do the houses you see in movies and serials lure you?

Does your house lack the spark which you wish to see or feel?

Are you willing to add zing to your residential space?

If yes, then just dreaming about the same wouldn’t work much. You will have to take a step towards turning your fantasies into reality.

What? Seems impossible?

Well, if you think of taking the task in your hands, it might seem so. But, if you take the help of a professional residential interior designer, then all that you dreamt of is achievable and exactly the way you want.

Take the right step towards turning your house into your dream home. In today’s extra busy life, marked with hectic work schedules and less time to relax, it is really important that even a little time that you get must be utilised in relaxing your mind and body. And what better place to relax than your own abode? But, does your house give you the feel and relaxation that you actually need? If not, then make it worthy of the same. Get your home interiors worked upon by the talented residential interior designers in Delhi. They are probably what you and your house need the most. They will transform your home to sport the look that you want it to.

The art of interior designing magically transforms your home space into something you had only imagined about. The designers walk into your home with ideas and step out after implementing those ideas in designing your interiors. For instance, a living room designer studies your space, understands your expectations and plans the designing of your living room. The interiors reflect your taste, lifestyle and likings.

Every part of your house serves a definite purpose which differs from the other. Similarly, each part and corner demands a different design approach which go well with the purpose of that particular area and your taste. You spend different time of the day in different rooms or areas of your home, so your expectations also vary when it comes to designing the different areas. All these are well considered and completely utilised before starting the design work. A bedroom interior designer will have completely different design goals as compared to a living room designer, on account of the difference in the two areas and the time that people spend there.

Similarly, a bathroom designer’s approach would differ from that of a Modular kitchen interior designer. But, they would be similar in their purpose of giving the respective areas a special feel, look, comfort and style that the inmates desire and expect.

El Nido- Interiorz by Shalini has done commendable work in residential interior designing and has become the favourite of many. The dynamic team of design experts designs every segment of the house with utmost care, perfection and design knowledge. The professionals are confident of how they have to approach a particular space and what all they need to do in order to mesmerise the client. Counted among the most reliable residential interior designers in Delhi, El Nido always lives upto the clients’ expectations and delivers work which is flawless and unbelievably magical.

We understand what your home means to you and that helps us in carving beauty in every corner. For instance, while designing the kitchen interiors, we know which design works and how. Our aim would be to make best use of your kitchen space, enabling you to have comfortable rather enjoyable cooking time and also make your kitchen look fabulously creative and inviting. Our kitchen interior designer would ensure a pleasing ambience for your kitchen so that the chef in your home has the best time cooking and preparing appetising food for everyone.

Those who have kids at home, always demand interesting interiors for their kids’ room, where they can enjoy and do all creative things in a cool ambience. For them, experts at El Nido can create dynamic and impressive interior designs and décor, which enable the kids to work, play, enjoy with friends and do whatever they want to. Keeping the liveliness and peppiness as top priorities, while designing kids’ rooms, we also make sure that the design and décor are refreshing for kids’ minds and body, enable them to be active while having fun or doing work and keeps boredom away from them. Living upto our status of one of the most innovative and talented residential interior designers in Delhi, we at El Nido, design customised, attractive and novel interior solutions for your home.

Give your favourite place the touch of creativity and awesomeness. With El Nido, bring your home to life. Give yourself the gift of innovatively designed and decorated place to relax and calm yourself.



That is what life demands from you. Work round the clock.

But that is what everyone wants. To work and work well.
What is stopping you then?

Feel lethargic at work? You do not feel enthusiastic while working?
Well…. What to do then?

What if your workplace is transformed to look fabulous and let you feel zestful? Sounds good no?

How about giving your workplace a complete makeover with commercial interior design?

That is what can work for you and all the people out there who feel that their workplace or office is not happening enough to keep them energised or motivated to work more and better.

If you feel so, then what about your staff or employees? They might have felt the same many a times, leading to decreased work efficiency. So, what do you need? You need to get in touch with talented commercial interior designers, who can revamp your office or commercial space to suit your needs and wipe away boredom and lethargy from the office ambience.

Commercial interior designers in Delhi use their imagination power, interesting ideas, designing knowledge and skills to give your work space a much needed and impressive transformation. Interior designing can do wonders to your workplace by the use of colours, patterns, themes and designs. Psyche plays a vital role while doing any work, especially the routine life work. The surroundings in which you work affect your psyche and make you feel in a particular way. Commercial interior designers utilise this fact in creating an ambience which soothes your mind and soul, create a positive impact on your psyche, which motivates you to work efficiently and with more zeal. Colour selection plays a crucial role when it comes to designing the interiors for workplaces. Human psychology plays its part while making such selection. The choice of colours, while getting the interiors done, is considered highly important as colours can add vibrancy to the space and create the needed ambiance.

If you have a showroom, or a business which involves customer dealing and high customer footfall, then you also need to maintain an attractive interior design for your commercial space so as to attract audience’s interests and maintain the same. You can hire the services of commercial interior design firms, which can design your showroom or work place depending upon the type of business you do. All you have to do is make up your mind on how you want your space to look or what features you need to get added to the interiors and then communicate the same to the experts, who then analyse the area, understand your needs and start working to create exciting interiors for your commercial space.

If you are worrying about where to go or whom to contact, then keep all that aside, because, one of the most renowned office interior designers in Gurgaon– El Nido- Interiorz by Shalini is just a call away. Shalini with her team of experts give your interiors a fresh, novel and impressive look and create an ambiance, where work seems pleasure.

Whether the area to be designed is large or small, the interior designing team of El Nido, makes the best use of available space and makes exemplary designs to enhance the soothing, pleasing and visual effect of the space. We understand how dull or boring interiors can add lethargy to the atmosphere and make people unwilling to work. The tremendously rich design knowledge, skills and expertise of our design experts ensure that your work place gets brightened up, help people concentrate on work and let them deliver service with smile, satisfaction and willingness.

Over the years, El Nido has gained remarkable experience in designing, renovating and decorating the commercial spaces, which has made El Nido a highly preferred name among the commercial interior designers in Delhi. Keeping clients satisfaction at the top of priority list, the experts at El Nido, have always strives hard to shape the design process as is demanded or expected. They make every sincere effort, also make changes if required and try innovative ideas to make an unforgettable mark.

We are all set to create mesmerising commercial interior design for your work place. Are you?

Experience Homeliness

A well constructed house with a strong foundation and beautiful architectural features catches attention of one and all. But, if after entering it, you witness the spectacle of messy or rather neglected interiors, then the whole image of the house gets tarnished. Designing of the residential interior spaces are of great significance and vitality to transform a house building into an elegant and stylish home. Owing to the soaring needs for visually, aesthetically and mentally pleasing interiors for homes, residential interior designing industry has reached the peak of popularity and so is the demand for residential interior designers. They are experts in interior designing, who perform the task of beautifying your living space and making it appealing.

There is huge demand of residential interior designers in Delhi, because people understand the value of home and want to make it as pleasing to the mind, soul and senses, as possible. It should be so as Home is where the heart is! Home is the only place where you can experience the coolest version of yourself, do what you intend to and feel at ease with all the warmth, comfort and peace around. Home is where love dwells, moments are spent and emotions are felt, which is why home needs to be designed and decorated with all the care and affection, giving you memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Designing a home is an art in itself, requiring due attention, precision and aesthetic sense.

Designing the residential space is no child’s play since it is based on many factors which affect the psyche and an interior designer is well versed and qualified to understand such factors and your specific requirements. Being a layman, you may not be able to consider the intricacies of designing, if you choose to design your home by yourself. Ambience, colour effect, patterns, designs, Vaastu and many more aspects affect the way you feel at a particular place, which is why whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, living room, kids’ room, guest room or dining area; all need to be designed and decorated by an expert residential interior designer. He/she will be the one to design your residential area, considering the nitty-gritty of designing as well as your needs and desires.

To design a living room, where you spend all your leisure time, when at home, a living room designer takes care of your preferences besides utilising the basics of designing the living space. Creating an ambience that soothes your mind, matches your needs depending upon the time you spend there and does not hinder your pleasures, is the aim behind designing the living room interiors. When it comes to kitchen area, the idea is to help you manage your space well so you are motivated in the art of cooking and your love for food enhances. A Kitchen interior designer gives due consideration to designing the space in a way that the area does not look messy, smartly stores all your kitchenware, has enough room to stand and cook comfortably and is visually appealing.

El Nido– Interiorz by Shalini is a renowned name among the residential interior designers in Delhi, offering consultation gauging your needs, creating aesthetically appealing designs for homes and maintaining a healthy client service relationship. If you want to get your residential space designed by experts in the field and get a pleasing ambience for your home, El Nido- Interiorz by Shalini is your ultimate stop.

Commercial Interior Designing Services

Commercial interior design is a booming industry in today’s market, especially in India, with so many new industries rapidly coming up. Commercial interior design includes the complete designing of commercial places like hospitals, office floors, rooms and cubicles, classrooms, hotel rooms and retail outlets to name a few. A corporate or commercial environment can be called as successfully designed when the available physical space can be used as a calculated instrument to achieve the desired organizational targets. The services of a commercial interior design firm ranges from designing inspiring workplace surroundings to commercial office buildings with a view to attract tenants.

Nearly each and every commercial interior design firm offers all these services. Commercial interior design is still basically ‘problem-solving’. Specifically planned interiors must be aesthetically pleasing, yet must also be functional and should meet the business needs of the client. The importance of global and cultural influences impacts all types of facilities in a design. One of the critical issues in commercial or office interior design is that of sustainability, which may either mean specifying low-VOC paints or helping the client achieve a higher stage of LEED certification. Research is an integral element in commercial or office interior design.

Commercial interior design firms must start designing only after a thorough research and study of the space. It helps the commercial interior design firms gather sufficient evidence to support any office interior design decisions. The commercial office interior designer must firstly gauge the client’s business in general and the client’s ambitions for the office interior design from a business perspective. Commercial interior design applies to any facility or business that can be labeled as ‘commercial’, that is, any place that invites the public in. It can range from a jewellery shop by the road or a restaurant in a resort to a casino in an international luxury hotel. A commercial interior can be purely functional, like big corporate offices or any small-town tourism agency. It may also require comforting and treating the ill, as in a healthcare establishment. It can also be purely a space to relax or chill out, such as a spa, salon or a gym or fitness centre.


The Effect of Interior Design on the Human Psyche

There is a prevailing notion that spending money on designing the interiors of spaces – be it a public place, an office or your own home – is not worth it. Our narrow outlooks toward life can be safely held responsible for this misconception. You need not visit a hundred places to realize the complete lack of any sense of interior design among the common people. We have grown so used to living in our disoriented messy comfort zones that we never even for once think of changing to a better ambience.

It may be so because we are not properly aware of the benefits it is bound to bring. The harsh conditions which our forefathers, from whom we have evolved, had to brave then, have imbued in us an innate consciousness of the environment, compelling us to look for physical and psychological comfort all the time. Our environment heavily influences our behaviour and affects our motivation to act. A noisy hospital ward might leave the patient not only worried, sad or helpless, but can also increase blood pressure, heart beat and muscle tension. Hormones released in response to this environment may cause the wounds to heal slower. This is true not only in hospitals, but in every living place. The only point in explaining this is to make you aware of the importance of interior design, the so-called expensive luxury left to millionaires. However, it is not so. It is high-time for the common people to accept commercial interior design as a necessity.

It goes without saying that commercial interior design is a highest form of art, and interior designers are excellent artists in their own rights. It is not an easy job. Multiple issues have to be carefully considered before finalising the design. Size, shape and utility of the space are the very basics which should always be kept in mind.

Luckily for us, quite a number of interior designers and interior design companies in Gurgaon are offering top-notch solutions in commercial interior design, the happening areas being hospitals, schools and office spaces. So if you are planning to elevate to a safer environment, be sure to check out these interior design companies and their truly talented interested designers. Make up your mind and gear up for an aesthetic add-on to your favourite spaces.


Commercial Interior Designing Services in Gurgaon

Commercial interior design is a very vital where the interior designers can incorporate new design ideas to beautify the commercial spaces. The commercial interior designing includes designing of commercial spaces like shopping complexes, market areas, office spaces, food courts and restaurants, hotels, schools, colleges as well as residential areas. Gurgaon has grown up to be one of the most advanced cities in India regarding technology as well as modern amenities. Many commercial interior designers in Gurgaon offer remarkable services of adding aesthetic value to the commercial spaces of the city.

The commercial interior designers in Gurgaon mainly focus on the following different areas:

  • The interior designers are playing a vital role in designing, the interiors of the multiplexes, cinema halls, auditoriums, theatres. There are some multiplexes available with different design ideas. The interior design commercial takes care of such design ideas and gives innovative solutions to the clients.
  • Another vital area where the commercial interior designers play a vital role is the food courts and the restaurant areas. Most of the Indians are food lovers and regularly go out for dining at food courts and restaurants. A properly designed restaurant can attract more customers. These days’ theme designs are the most appreciated ones. The walls of the food courts should depict the chef special items that are served, and this helps in creating more hunger and crave for the food.
  • The commercial interior designers in Gurgaon are also taking a particular interest in designing office spaces. A number of corporate offices are making Gurgaon their destination so the interior designers are also trying to use innovative design ideas to decorate the office spaces that can help the workers to get motivated and generate more result. An office space should not be gloomy. It should have plenty of greenery and open spaces to let the employee’s breath. The interior designers are taking a special interest in giving the office spaces a new dimension.
  • Commercial interior design is also very common for hospitals and clinics. The designers take special care while designing the hospitals because of their positive ambience.
  • Interior design commercial is also playing a vital role in designing the educational institutions.

Hence Interior designing plays a vital role in all the sectors within the design industry.


Using An Interior Design Company Is A Smarter Decision Than Doing The Job Yourself

Everyone dreams of living in a beautiful house and working in a comfortable and designer office. However, in order to get the look of your house or your office right, you will have to apply the best interior designing techniques and since not many people have the talent for the same, it is always better to hire the services of a good interior design company to do the job for you.

If you are one of those people who thinks that hiring of an interior designer is a waste of money, since you can easily look up the latest interior designs on the internet and shop for them online as well, then, unfortunately, you are about to ruin the entire look of your house or office and also waste a lot of money in the process as well.

Cut, Copy, Paste Does Not Apply To Interior Designing

Every room is different in terms of its measurements, shape, utility, etc. Therefore, if you think that you can simply copy a design from one of the interior design magazines or the internet and duplicate the same completely in your home or office space, then you are highly mistaken. There are numerous adjustments and changes that will have to be made to the original design in order to make the design perfect for your room and space. This requires an in-depth understanding of the technicalities of interior designing which only a good interior designer would have. Hence, it is always better to hire the services of a good company like El Nido – Interiorz by Shalini to do the interior designing work for you.

You Actually End Up Saving Money

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, the hiring of a good interior design company actually saves money. These companies are able to give you the best interior designs within a fixed budget, as prescribed by you. If you had to come up with a similar design and decorate the room on your own, you might actually end up buying the wrong stuff, or buying it at a higher price, or placing it wrong, thus leading to wastages and other unnecessary expenses. On the other hand, a good interior design company will make all the right decision in one go, and ensure that you get the best interior design for your house or office within the budget sanctioned by you for the job.



Avail service of a professional commercial interior design for Bespoke Solutions

Having a well-designed and planned office is vital for the success of the company as the office ambiance reveal a lot about the management and its workers.  These days the interiors of the office space are of great significance. Realizing the importance office owners they opt to transform their office space into an aesthetically beautiful and functional workspace. Additionally, it is also seen that with the proper space planning and designing of the office helps boost the productivity of the employees.

Additionally, there is a huge amount of investment also associated therefore when looking for a commercial interior designer one must avail the service of a professional who can offer an impeccable and customized solution.  As hiring a professional and experienced commercial interior design firm can help in proper design and space planning to provide a comfortable and magnificent workplace.

El Nido interiorz by Shalini is one of the well-known commercial interior design firms providing inventive and exceptional commercial interior design solutions. Since our establishment, we have provided our services to esteemed clients with unique interior requirements. We are dedicated, to provide our clients creative solutions that are the absolute value of the investment made. Whatever be the requirement of our client we are competent to meet them according to their requirement and visualization.

We have a team of experienced and competent commercial interior designers who determine the client’s requirements and examine their working process, priorities, and business values to create a workplace that adds value and boost the productivity. While designing the office space they carefully analyze the space and look for the ways to make it more functional space that help in reducing cost, eliminating waste and enhance productivity. They evaluate everything thoroughly and provide solutions that are the perfect blend of the contemporary design, functionality and space planning.

We provide distinctive and bespoke service to our clients. Also, we put emphasis on the minute detailing in everywhere and incorporate the best of everything for achieving the best results. We always deliver quality to our client’s at a sensible price and ensure to complete the assigned project before the scheduled time as one envisioned.


The Important Elements of Commercial Interior Design!

Every single detail matters when creating an atmosphere within the office – this atmosphere is likely to influence how employees work and how visitors or clients view the company, based on how they feel as they enter.

One of the most essential elements of commercial interior designing is color palette. Bright colors like reds, yellows, and oranges do not work well in office surroundings. Pastels and other soft hues are trendy options in wall color for commercial buildings since they are fine, subtle, and contrast well with the dark furniture designs preferred by many offices.

The next element is Lighting which goes hand in hand with color palette in all aspects of interior designing, but lighting is exceptionally significant in office areas. The right placement and the right type of lighting can change the ambiance of the commercial space. The elements that support the right lighting like color selections or furniture, if achieved perfectly, can transform a commercial space into a flawless combination of style and functionality.

Furniture is the third key element in commercial interior design. Many businesses choose dark furniture because it contrasts well with the neutral shades on the walls and because it appears more professional than the lighter finishes of oak and pine. There is variety of furniture styles to choose from. It is important, however, to maintain consistency throughout the office.

It is important to consider these elements when going for commercial interior designing and finding commercial interior design firms. If these factors are correctly supervised, interior design can change the look and feel of your business for the better.

If you wish to make your commercial space attractive in a more productive way, El Nido – Interiorz by Shalini is the name to rely on. Being established as one of the most prominent residential & commercial interior designers, El Nido perfectly takes care of all the important factors while designing your space. We make use of every square inch of the available space. Our team works fervently towards every project and furnish with the most appropriate and creative designs for your office.



Get Interiors of Your Commercial Space Done by Interior Designers in Faridabad!

There are infinite ideas for designing interiors of your commercial space. No matter how much you wish to interiorize your office, an expert commercial interior designer will turn up with all the essential tools.

Gone are the days when offices were in cubicle manner, and were lit by luminous tube-lights. It’s only because of corporate giants like Google and Facebook that have demonstrated tremendous success in spite of their ultra-modern workplaces. More people are accepting the idea that creative work environment helps in activating the minds and instigates innovation. From just scrapping the white walls for graphical wallpapers to a complete revamp of the office layout, we at El Nido – Interiors by Shalini, are all set to breach the basic style and bring in a unique & creative working environment for offices, and expectantly get some smarter ideas along the way.

As the economy continues to recuperate from the 2007-2010 recession, corporations are moving from a ‘bigger is better’ mentality to a smaller & smarter spaces. The shift has influenced both the size of a corporate office and the workstation of each employee. Commercial Interior Designers like us are assigned with the task of making use of every sq. in. of available office space.

These days collaborative spaces are being encouraged. By cutting down on personal cabins and workstations, contemporary offices are increasing the size and usage of cafeteria and lounges. Interiorizing the work environment boosts the connectivity, and therefore, retention of workforce.

If you wish to get your commercial space interiorized in a smarter way, El Nido – Interiorz by Shalini is a team of recognized office interior designers in Faridabad who work ardently towards every project and furnish the most unique and creative designs for your office.

So what is in for 2016? Yes, we agree with playing with colors! Our team of interior decorators in Faridabad expects to see lots of colors & paints in unexpected ways this year. We strive to be at the forefront of delivering a wide range of colorful accessories and modern furniture. To hire a good architect & interior designer in Faridabad, visit now!

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