Understanding your perception

Getting a brief is absolutely critical. We discuss all the basics such as Conceptualization, Layouts, Class rooms, meeting rooms, play area etc. We speak to you through the various options and help you really visualize the space you need. We first understand your perception and then start working accordingly. It’s the start of our journey with you.


Visualize your new space and ensure it matches your expectations

We know that seeing is indeed believing, so with your site venue and space plan agreed, we then begin to work on making your new space a reality with our detailed design process. We produce 3D Designs and elevations that include furniture, fittings and finishes to help you really visualize your new space and ensure it matches your expectations.


Understanding your expectations for home interior

The best place to meet you for the first time is at your potential site, so that we can really get a feel and understanding of your property. Every building is different and elements such as ceiling heights, floor voids, air conditioning and even water services can affect the design process, so we much prefer to have all the information and variables upfront.


Working out the financials

With the design complete and furniture selected, we’ll revisit the original specification and produce our final detailed cost plan, our itinerary for the project.


This is when it starts to get exciting

We bring together all your requirements and explore how various design options could bring all of these aspects together. Our plans leave no stone unturned and we consider everything from people flow to storage, making sure we utilize the ergonomics of the building to show off its best features. We strive to produce accurate and realistic plans from the onset.


Meet your expectations

With the cost detail agreed, we issue a contract, procure the materials and get onto the site. During the delivery part, we conduct weekly site meetings with you to view progress, discuss the works and tackle any issues arising during the building processes.

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