Do you often fantasies about living in a cool looking, magnificently designed and beautifully decorated house?

Do the houses you see in movies and serials lure you?

Does your house lack the spark which you wish to see or feel?

Are you willing to add zing to your residential space?

If yes, then just dreaming about the same wouldn’t work much. You will have to take a step towards turning your fantasies into reality.

What? Seems impossible?

Well, if you think of taking the task in your hands, it might seem so. But, if you take the help of a professional residential interior designer, then all that you dreamt of is achievable and exactly the way you want.

Take the right step towards turning your house into your dream home. In today’s extra busy life, marked with hectic work schedules and less time to relax, it is really important that even a little time that you get must be utilised in relaxing your mind and body. And what better place to relax than your own abode? But, does your house give you the feel and relaxation that you actually need? If not, then make it worthy of the same. Get your home interiors worked upon by the talented residential interior designers in Delhi. They are probably what you and your house need the most. They will transform your home to sport the look that you want it to.

The art of interior designing magically transforms your home space into something you had only imagined about. The designers walk into your home with ideas and step out after implementing those ideas in designing your interiors. For instance, a living room designer studies your space, understands your expectations and plans the designing of your living room. The interiors reflect your taste, lifestyle and likings.

Every part of your house serves a definite purpose which differs from the other. Similarly, each part and corner demands a different design approach which go well with the purpose of that particular area and your taste. You spend different time of the day in different rooms or areas of your home, so your expectations also vary when it comes to designing the different areas. All these are well considered and completely utilised before starting the design work. A bedroom interior designer will have completely different design goals as compared to a living room designer, on account of the difference in the two areas and the time that people spend there.

Similarly, a bathroom designer’s approach would differ from that of a Modular kitchen interior designer. But, they would be similar in their purpose of giving the respective areas a special feel, look, comfort and style that the inmates desire and expect.

El Nido- Interiorz by Shalini has done commendable work in residential interior designing and has become the favourite of many. The dynamic team of design experts designs every segment of the house with utmost care, perfection and design knowledge. The professionals are confident of how they have to approach a particular space and what all they need to do in order to mesmerise the client. Counted among the most reliable residential interior designers in Delhi, El Nido always lives upto the clients’ expectations and delivers work which is flawless and unbelievably magical.

We understand what your home means to you and that helps us in carving beauty in every corner. For instance, while designing the kitchen interiors, we know which design works and how. Our aim would be to make best use of your kitchen space, enabling you to have comfortable rather enjoyable cooking time and also make your kitchen look fabulously creative and inviting. Our kitchen interior designer would ensure a pleasing ambience for your kitchen so that the chef in your home has the best time cooking and preparing appetising food for everyone.

Those who have kids at home, always demand interesting interiors for their kids’ room, where they can enjoy and do all creative things in a cool ambience. For them, experts at El Nido can create dynamic and impressive interior designs and décor, which enable the kids to work, play, enjoy with friends and do whatever they want to. Keeping the liveliness and peppiness as top priorities, while designing kids’ rooms, we also make sure that the design and décor are refreshing for kids’ minds and body, enable them to be active while having fun or doing work and keeps boredom away from them. Living upto our status of one of the most innovative and talented residential interior designers in Delhi, we at El Nido, design customised, attractive and novel interior solutions for your home.

Give your favourite place the touch of creativity and awesomeness. With El Nido, bring your home to life. Give yourself the gift of innovatively designed and decorated place to relax and calm yourself.

El Nido Interiorz By Shalini

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