Commercial Interior Design… ways to brighten up your space!!

Why is it that our residential design clients are often packed with fresh, innovative ideas for their homes, whereas our workplace or commercial design clients seem to become stuck in the most basic phases of design?

There is so much you can do with a commercial space; however, people don’t know where to start with! Clients are usually more accustomed with home decor, and they may be ignorant of the potential for uniqueness in the workplace.

Let us learn the areas that enhance the overall appearance of an available commercial space-


A good design that is ‘pulled-together’ will always seem professional, and adding color will increase interest. You can pick a shade that represents your organization’s unique personality. Bold or unexpected colors will rejuvenate exhausted employees and help anxious patients forget where they are.

Lighting & Light Fixtures: Use different light

Light sources and fixtures for interest. Try introducing some unique accessories just for decorative purposes. Also, use light to highlight an area or simply to create a pattern on the wall. Colored light grazing a wall can also add a special touch.


Try wall coverings such as wooden boards or embossed sheets, or unique materials such as concrete, crackle glass, etc. Do not miss to balance your textures — use parallel materials on opposing walls, make the ceiling and floor get on, or ground the space with a bold texture.

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